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Стерилизатор медицинского парафина.
Стерилизатор медицинского парафина. - фото 1 Стерилизатор медицинского парафина. - фото 2 Стерилизатор медицинского парафина. - фото 3 Стерилизатор медицинского парафина. - фото 4 Стерилизатор медицинского парафина. - фото 5
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Стерилизатор медицинского парафина.

80 000 ман./штука
оптовая цена
7 800 - 7 900 ман./штука
Hasanov Azizali Mastali
Hasanov Azizali Mastali
,  Баку, AZ
на Флагма с 22 июля 2017


Sterilizer of naftalan paraffin medical white oil wax.

With repeated use of sterilizer of naftalan paraffin medical white oil wax in physiotherapy, it is necessary after each patient procedure to sterilize from different microbes, viruses and hair that are transmitted through the skin from the bottom patient to another according to the requirements of the European Union.
Our company has developed an installation for the sterilization of naftalan paraffin wax with repeated use.
Naftalan parafin mastic is a therapeutic mastic based on naphthalan oil, proposed by the Azerbaijan Scientific Research Institute of Balneology and Physical Methods of Treatment (Sh. M. Hasanov, 1940) for naphthalan therapy in clinical and resort conditions. It has the following composition: medical paraffin - 70%, refined or tarred naphthalan - 20%, ceresin - 4%, wax - 5% and camphor - 0.5-1.0%. Naftalan mastic has low thermal conductivity and low melting point (50-60 ° C), which makes it suitable for treating many diseases locally.
For the therapeutic use of naphthalan mastic, they use the application method. Before use, the briquette is heated in a water bath to 55-60 ° C. The body area to be exposed is freed from the hair. Using a paint brush, put mastic at a temperature of 45 ° C (the temperature of subsequent layers increases to 55-60 ° C) to a thickness of 1.5-2 cm (10-15 layers). The body area with mastic applied is covered with oilcloth, and then insulated with a blanket. Procedures lasting 20-40 minutes are carried out daily. The course of treatment uses 15-20 procedures.
Prepared from naphthalan oil and a number of other therapeutic agents, this mastic with good results is used for traumatic injuries, diseases of the joints and peripheral nervous system, as well as for ear diseases. The new tool not only significantly accelerates the duration of treatment, but is also more economical than other types, even such as naphthalonotherapy, or does not require electrical equipment. Mastic made in the form of cakes is very convenient for use in any conditions.
Indications and contraindications for the therapeutic use of naphthalan mastic are the same as for naftalan treatment in general.

Номер объявления: 1779333
,  Баку, AZ
на Флагма с 22 июля 2017

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