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Нафталановая ванна автоматическая.
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Нафталановая ванна автоматическая.

5 000 ман./штука
оптовая цена
4 800 - 4 900 ман./штука
Hasanov Azizali Mastali
Hasanov Azizali Mastali
,  Баку, AZ
на Флагма с 22 июля 2017


Naftalan bathtub automatic sedentary.

For the first time in the history of naphthalan therapy, the llc azeicg company has developed a sterilizer installation for a sit-down balneological bath for reusable use of naftalan oil and de-tarred naphthalan in naphthalan therapy.
The kit includes: 1. a 100-liter thermos to store sterilized naftalan, 1. a 100-liter sterilizer for sterilizing and regenerating naphthalan and one common balneological bath.
The company is a pioneer and one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Azerbaijan working in the field of development and production of new drugs, medical cosmetics and dressings, the main medical component of which is white tarless naphthalan, naphthalan oil and naphthalan hydrocarbons.
During the company's activity, our specialists working in our company in the field of chemistry, biology, biochemistry, pharmacology, microbiology, and doctors, traumatologists, dermatologists, proctologists, urologists, gynecologists, neuropathologists, rheumatologists, surgeons, dermatologists and cosmetologists have developed and patented new domestic medicines, medical cosmetic line and dressings, medical plasters.
We are currently designing clinical trials and registration of the above suppositories and ointments. Work is underway on the production of naphthalan patches with the leading enterprises of Veropharm. On the basis of tarred naphthalan, together with the Moscow Pharmaceutical Factory, the production of the Woman Magic line of cosmetics, a protective and anti-aging hand cream based on tarred naphthalan, was launched. Developments in the field of medical cosmetics called Star Line and Organic + Naphthen consisting of each line of 16 items. We have developed and obtained a trademark for a new technology and methodology for treating naphthalan white baths where in the first world white naphthalan is used with tarred, which accelerates the bioavailability of naphthalan and is aesthetic and comfortable when compared with native naphthalan baths when undergoing treatment in a clinic in Moscow called Park Clinic .
In Russia, our company is a pioneer in the technology of processing Naftalan oil by vacuum distillation and hydrocracking. After purification from harmful impurities, such as resins, dirt, water, asphaltenes and aromatic hydrocarbons, the healing properties increase and side effects and toxic effects decrease.
Today we are cooperating in the supply of resined naphthalan with leading pharmaceutical companies such as Veropharm, Mosfarm, Retinoids, Siberian Health, Natural Cosmetics Green Altai, etc.
Since 2007, Hasanov Azizali Mastali oglu, founder, investor and head of the llc azeicg company in Azerbaijan, has been

Номер объявления: 1776518
,  Баку, AZ
на Флагма с 22 июля 2017

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