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Какао порошок алкализированный GP-690-11
Какао порошок алкализированный GP-690-11 - фото 1 Какао порошок алкализированный GP-690-11 - фото 2 Какао порошок алкализированный GP-690-11 - фото 3
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Какао порошок алкализированный GP-690-11

оптовая цена
2 000 - 2 150 $/тонна
Условия поставки: FOB
Crok Rok
sales manager
,  Любляна, SI
на Флагма с 9 марта 2018


Guan Chong Cocoa Manufacturer Sdn. Bhd., being one of the largest cocoa processors in Asia, having agencies, partnership in most of the countries that require importing cocoa products.

Сompany was established in 1985 and it has achieved more than 80,000 mt of cocoa beans processing capacity yearly with in depth experience expertise and years of research in producing quality and consistent cocoa products.

Сocoa products under the trademark "Favorich", it means "High in Flavour" and "Rich in Colour". We produce full range of cocoa products, namely Cocoa Liquor (Cocoa mass), Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Cake and Cocoa Powder.

The company place strong emphasis on Food Safety and Quality. We practise Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and are ISO 9001, Haccp, Halal and Kosher certified.

The company believe in continuous growth with quality and nice products. This would ensure long term good relationship with our customers and guarantees close support to them.

Номер объявления: 1773645
,  Любляна, SI
на Флагма с 9 марта 2018

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sales manager
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