Primer for deep penetration

Primer for deep penetration

$ 5 /10 l
$ 3.41-4.20 /10 l, min. 20 10 l  wholesale
Delivery terms: FCA Kiev
Ничаюк Дмитрий Александрович, менеджер
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In order to proceed to the finishing works, the newly erected walls and ceiling must first be applied with a high-quality primer. It is designed for surface treatment before the application of plaster and putty, as well as before laying the tiles, so the process of finishing any room starts with its application. The primer is applied to various surfaces (from concrete to wood) so that the top coating does not exfoliate and crack. Primer composition reduces porosity and roughness, and also increases the adhesion of the substrate - the ability to bond with other materials.

Posted: 7 September 2018, 15:23
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